Connecting Business Leaders Since 1910

Old Rotary Club meeting

On February 18, 1910, The Rotary Club of Minneapolis was established by Paul Harris, an attorney from Chicago that wanted to meet with others like himself for fellowship. By doing so, he created the first service club organization in the country. Our club takes pride in the rich history of our foundation and members from the past 100 years. The Rotary Club of Minneapolis was the ninth club to be established in Rotary International, which gave us the nickname of Club 9. The Rotary Club of St. Paul was established later that week in 1910, making it the 10th club in Rotary International.

About Rotary International

Rotary International is a worldwide association comprised of 1.2 million members in 34,000 clubs all over the world. Currently, Rotary International is focused on eliminating Polio from the world, permanently. Rotary International has led polio vaccination clinics in over 120 countries worldwide and has reduced Polio 99%. Rotarians contributed over $1.3 billion to the effort in the past 20 years. Through close collaborations with nongovernmental organizations and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, we are now very close to eliminating this devastating disease entirely.

Rotary At A Glance

1,220,115 Rotarians Worldwide
34,558 Rotary Clubs Worldwide

We are proud to be the 9th Rotary Club established in the world!

Our Club

Our club is a group of diverse professional and business leaders who come together for fellowship and commitment to serve. Not only do our members provide their valuable time, they contribute by providing money and expertise to support the youth of Minneapolis and other projects around the world.

We hold weekly luncheon meetings that feature varied speakers. We also hold fundraisers and other events that build relationships and implementation of projects.

The Rotary Club of Minneapolis is comprised of 170 dedicated and passionate members with over 50 different fields of expertise. Because our club is so diverse in both culture and profession, we are able to develop quality programs backed with strong ethics. Club 9 is continuing to evolve and grow.