Community and Global Relief

Rotary members standing together

It is easy to not think of the struggles that youth face in their everyday lives. We are privileged to provide our children with the resources they need to be educated, eat healthy meals and have fun being a kid. We have never had to endure devastation from little to no resources, poor to no schooling systems and children working in their youngest years.

The youth around the world are in our every thought and our every action. We work together with the other members in our club and those in clubs around the world to provide relief to the children in the community and around the world that need it most.

Rotary has been a leader in the effort to eradicate Polio and in Polio immunization. Thanks to Rotary Foundation grants, Rotary clubs, and the commitment of our passionate members, we have been able to bring running water to schools in Guatemala and lead immunization efforts in Nepal.

Helpers Administering Polio Immunizations in Nepal
Little Girl in Guatemala Washing Her Hands in Water from a Tap

Innovative and Passionate Members

Our mission is to join business leaders, exchange ideas and take action. All of our members are dedicated to putting service above self and coming together to create solutions to problems in the community and around the world. The Rotary Club of Minneapolis is a bridge that connects its members to others around the world. We have a positive impact on each other, the community and abroad.

Our Commitment

The members of our club hold common beliefs and interests in collaborating with others to learn, grow and provide service to those that need it most. The Rotarians of the Rotary Club of Minneapolis make a commitment to themselves and to others to provide their time and resources to developing plans and taking action.

The Rotary Club of Minneapolis is a diverse collection of civic-minded business and professional leaders who join together for fellowship, professional enrichment, and the opportunity to serve. Our members provide volunteer time, money and expertise to improve the community and support the youth of Minneapolis, and to foster international understanding and goodwill.