The Minneapolis Rotary Foundation

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The Minneapolis Rotary Foundation is a Minnesota 501c3 nonprofit corporation through which the service mission of the Minneapolis Rotary Club is funded. Its goal is to maximize the resources available to fund service projects through an annual fund, special event fundraisers, and earnings on its endowment funds. Endowment funds have grown thanks to generous legacy and memorial gifts and special gifts from members and friends. Fulfillment of its mission requires assuring club members both good governance and good stewardship.


The 21st Century Club is one of the largest endowment funds of the Minneapolis Rotary Foundation. The gifts and bequests to this fund are invested in perpetuity, and the Foundation’s Board designates a portion of the investment return each year to support the Minneapolis Rotary Club’s service programs. The club also receives other endowments from:

  • 75th Anniversary Fund that supports the Learning Center for Economics – An initiative that supports financial and economic education in Minneapolis high schools.
  • Minneapolis Rotary Scholarships – Represents a pool of named scholarships established with a minimum of $25,000 endowment
  • The Baskerville Youth Development Endowment Fund – Supports summer programs for youth in Minneapolis at the YMCA

In total, the Minneapolis Rotary Foundation’s assets approach $3 million with additional promises of over $5 million. This places us in the top 20 of Rotary foundations in the country.


Between the annual campaign that raises over $75,000 each year and the earnings from the endowments, Minneapolis Rotary is able to expend about $180,000 annually in support of its service mission. In one year of service, we will be able to expend about $200,000.

2016-2017 Club Officers and Board Members

Foundation Bookkeeper is Betsy Stolfa (betsy@mplsrotary.org)



Bruce Hedblom

Vice President

Michael Cunningham


Beth Grosen


Mike Urbanos

Assistant Treasurer

Joe Larkin

Directors at Large

John Schrager
Kent York
Henry Bromelkamp

Ex Officio Members

Club President

Rolf Sonnesyn

Club President-Elect

William Kuhlmann

Club Past-President

Quinn Tierney

Club Treasurer

Fred Semmer

Past LCS Chair

Tom Burton

Current LCS Chair

Grant Kamin


Our members also choose to support the Rotary Foundation that is the tax exempt foundation of Rotary International. Through leveraged giving, our individual gifts fund critical and effective projects throughout the world. Our members are dedicated to the mission of our Rotary Club in Minneapolis and to Rotary International.