Board of Directors Posing on the Stairs - Rotary of Minneapolis (1)

The Rotary Club of Minneapolis was established in 1910 with a state charter as a 501 c4 nonprofit. The club operates with a club constitution and club bylaws. Club 9 enjoys a reputation for leadership internationally and at the state level as the first Rotary Club in Minneapolis and the 9th established among over 33,000 clubs now operating around the world. Members come from the ranks of executive and professional roles representing all community sectors. Members develop their leadership skills by volunteering for club service involving executive management, strategic planning, fiscal oversight, and public speaking. Rotarians rotate for election to club leadership posts and leadership appointments. The club annually elects board members from among the membership. In addition, volunteer chairs lead the club’s standing committees, club teams, and ad hoc task forces.

Club Officers and Board Members



Rolf Sonnesyn

President Elect

Bill Kuhlmann


Fred Semmer

Assistant Treasurer

David Riley


Gleason Glover

Vice President for Membership

Todd Krough

Past President

Quinn Tierney

Vice President

Melody Hach


Director, Year 1 (2 yr term)

Ted Bather

Director, Year 2 (2 yr term)

Bill Kuhlmann

Director, Year 1 (2 yr term)

Joe Larkin

Director, Year 2 (2 yr term)

Linda Stuart

Director, Year 2 (2 yr term)

Melissa Musliner

Director, Year 1 (2 yr term)

Kristin Baker

Club Administrator

Sybylla Yeoman Hendrix