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Join a Committee

How can you be engaged? In Rotary Club 9, we have many committees that our members have the option to choose to be involved in. Volunteering Club member time is the success key for club committees and teams. Committees and teams are the heart of our club. Club 9 has 7 “standing committees” and several “teams,” each with a volunteer chair. Club members sign up every year for the committees and/or teams of choice. We encourage you to please join in!

Service to Others

Serve on the LCS, Local Community Service Committee, to assess community needs, propose activities and budgets needed

Work with Hiawatha Academies leaders to plan/sponsor several club member volunteer activities for members to experience hands-on involvement to help students and staff

Help select a Service Above Self award winner in our community to recognize outstanding service benefitting the Minneapolis area

Volunteer to help the Learning Center for Economics with teaching financial and economic literacy to high school students

Recruit and select scholarship award winners from among Minneapolis high school graduates

Serve on the WCS, World Community Service Committee, to assess community needs, select global grants, monitor community improvement impact


Membership Development

Bring a non member guest to share Rotary

Join the Membership Development Committee to plan development and recruitment activities on behalf of the club

Join the Membership Classifications Committee that reviews all new applications and assigns a vocational classification subject to club vote

Join the Guides for Nine team that orients each new Rotarian to the club so as to maximize membership and become personally involved

Host a club member event


Club Administration

Join the Friday Frat rotating team that sets up our meetings each week and serve as greeters and hosts

Join the Music and Fun team that plans special meeting warm-ups and songs

Volunteer to run for election to the club governance board responsible to oversee club operations, budgets, and bylaws


Public Relations Outreach

Help to promote the club through member newsletters, social media and the club’s web site


Annual Giving Campaign

Serve on the Foundation Board committee to lead annual fundraising via tax-exempt 501c-3 status to Minneapolis Rotary Foundation (MRF), The Rotary Foundation (TRF), and Polio Plus which funds international and local service to others

Looking for more information?

If you are interested in becoming involved in a Club 9 committees, or would like more information, please contact us. Further contact information is also available at Club Runner “E Message Center”. We encourage you to join!