Do you have a question about Club 9? Take a look at our FAQ’s below.
If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

Q. When and where does the meeting take place?

A. The Rotary Club of Minneapolis meets on Fridays at 12 noon on the 50th Floor of the IDS center in Downtown Minneapolis. Members usually arrive between five and fifteen minutes early for networking and fellowship, and begin to proceed through the buffet line at noon. The meeting itself begins between 12:20 and 12:30 depending on the program. We conclude at 1:15 pm.

Q. Where should I park?

A. There are many parking options in downtown Minneapolis. Metered on-street parking spaces on Marquette and on the numbered streets are reasonable, and the machines accept cash and credit cards. Club 9 has discount parking passes for the 333 South 7th Street lot. Pick up one of the discount passes when you check in or as you leave; hourly discounted rates are approximately $10 per hour.

Q. Do I need to register to attend a meeting?

A. No, you do not need to register, you can just show up! However, if you would like to send your information to the office before Friday, you can save yourself a little bit of time at the meeting. Visitors please send your name, job title, company, and any Rotarian who invited you to the meeting. Visiting Rotarians please send your name and home club.

Q. What is the cost for the lunch?

A. The cost of the lunch is $20 for Visiting Rotarians and guests. The club will pay for the first three lunches for prospective members.

Q. What should I expect when I arrive at a meeting?

A. When you arrive at the 50th Floor of the IDS Center you will be in the Windows on the Marquette banquet facilities. There will be banners with our logo leading you to the room location. Our sign in tables have nametags for current members, and a sign in area for guests and visiting Rotarians. The Club Administrator and Secretary will be standing at the sign in table, where they will greet you and hand you a couple of brief forms to fill out so that we can introduce you to the club during the meeting. You will fill out a name tag and have a chance to network with members before going through the buffet lunch

Q. How should I dress?

A. There is no official dress code for our meeting. Members are typically arriving from work. This means most members wear business professional attire, but as the meeting is on a Friday, many are also in business casual clothes.