Have a question? At The Rotary Club of Minneapolis, we want to equip you with the information you need so you can better understand our club and how you can become a part of it. Take a look through our frequently asked questions here.

Q. How many times a week do members meet?

A. We meet most Fridays on the 50th floor of the IDS Center. Weekly meetings provide a regular opportunity to join and learn. Our club is filled with members that are extremely busy, but dedicate their limited time to self-improvement and community issues.

Q. My colleague wants to learn more about Club Nine. What do I do?

A. We always welcome new members. Invite your colleague to come to a Friday meeting. Prospective members are welcome to attend two luncheons without charge. After your two complimentary lunches, each lunch thereafter is $20 (payable at registration table). A new member must be sponsored by two existing members of the club. The application and approval process can take 3-4 weeks. Our Guides for Nine Team will get to know them in a friendly meeting and place them in the right category. If the board approves of your colleague, the colleague can join following a club vote and practice service above self in the community.

Q. How can I learn about upcoming events?

A. Take a look at our Club Events calendar here. Club 9 sends out electronic newsletters each week and posts events on social media. We also announce the latest events at our club meetings and in Club Runner, a special section for member communication.