Nothing enriches a community more than service, working together for the common good.  Together, we support the youth of Minneapolis and foster international understanding and goodwill. Our members serve with their time, money, and expertise. If you seek enrichment through service, Club #9 has countless opportunities to serve your community.

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East Side Neighborhood Services

Our current Innovation Partner is East Side Neighborhood Services (ESNS) and their On-Ramp Program. As an Innovation Partner, we will provide volunteers as well as substantial program funding for two years to this amazing program.

The (ESNS) Industrial Arts On-Ramp Program works with low-income young adults (18 to 30) to give participants “hands on” experience in the construction trades while working on short- and long-term career goals. Participants gain actual experience in basic tool skills, guided by volunteers from RJM Construction Company. ESNS staff work with participants to leverage this experience for future career planning. ESNS participants face many barriers to success, such as unstable housing or minor offenses. If you think of a career path as a highway, this program provides young adults help getting on the on-ramp to enter traffic. For example: Anthony* was an EMT in his mid-twenties when he suffered an accident which left him with severe PTSD, and unable to continue as an EMT. Anthony did well in the program and moved to work for Roto-Rooter. Working at Roto-Rooter gives him experience points toward becoming a licensed plumber.

*Name changed

World Community Service Committee

We do our part locally, but how can we hope to make an impact worldwide when global problems are so overwhelming? By working in concert with Rotary International, our club can compound contributions to create significant grants. Through partnerships and "matching grants" we are able to make significant contributions to international projects.  Our local contributions are matched with funds from Rotary International and the District. For example, a $5,000 allocation from our committee can be matched dollar-for-dollar by the District. This $10,000 may then be eligible for an additional $7,500 from RI. So our orignal $5,000 grows to make a $17,500 project possible!

Minneapolis Rotary Foundation

The Minneapolis Rotary Foundation exists to support local and international projects by our club as well as scholarships and other specialized programs for Minneapolis youth. Please visit the Foundation page to learn more.

Learning Center for Economics

The mission of the Learning Center for Economics is to ensure the teaching of economics remains a vital element of education within Minneapolis Public Schools. With a firm education in economics, all of our students will better prepared find their path to being happy, productive citizens.

Minneapolis Rotary Scholarship Fund

The Minneapolis Rotary Scholarships are awarded each year to exceptional 12th grade students chosen from Minneapolis Public High Schools. Scholarships are $1,000 to $1,125 per year for up to four consecutive years. While academic qualifications are a strong criteria, students are also selected for their dedication to service.

Rotary International

When you join the Rotary Club of Minneapolis you are automatically part of Rotary International, a global network of

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