In 2017, our club began to work with The Family Partnership in a three-year partnership. The first of project was a donation through our Foundation to TFP’s PRIDE (Promoting Recovery, Independence, Dignity, and Equality) program.

The PRIDE program supports victims of sex trafficking. These victims are sexually exploited women, teens, and their families. PRIDE is a nationally recognized program. It is one of the  longest-running programs in the United States. PRIDE delivers “two-generation” services. This treats the root of the problem, not just the effects. 

According to PRIDE’s numbers, 78 percent of program participants over the past five years end their involvement with sex trafficking when they leave the program.

“We are so grateful to Minneapolis Rotary for investing in sex trafficking victims as they begin to heal. This position in our PRIDE program will help those who have been sexually exploited reclaim their lives. It will coach them on ways to reach their educational and employment goals, allowing them to permanently escape sex trafficking.”

Molly Greenman, CEO and president of The Family Partnership

“Minneapolis Rotary selected The Family Partnership for its  proven success in combating sex trafficking in our community. Our members engage on universal issues, and human trafficking is a tragic, $35 billion-a-year global industry. By partnering, we can make a direct local impact that helps the victims in our community rebuild their lives.”

Bill Kuhlmann, Club President 2017-2018

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